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Photos from Safeco Support List Letter from Patriotic Mom  
Glenn Beck video: Supporters and Protesters at McIntyre Hall, Mt. Vernon, WA
You may have to pause the video for a few seconds if it stops during playback.
Glenn Beck at Safeco Field

We went to the Glenn Beck program sponsored by EFF at Safeco Field September 26. It was a marvelous occasion, with a turnout of about 7,000 people. We arrived almost two hours early and there were already a lot of people there. A handful of protestors across the street were hugely outnumbered by Beck supporters.


Sean Salazar (running against Patty Murray) was there with a well organized staff, mostly young people.

                                                          Lots of signs and T-shirts too.


                               Safeco Field was set up with tables on the field for people who bought lunch.


All of the tables were full. A number of celebrities were there including Dino Rossi, who got a nice applause, several members of EFF including Bob Williams, and some decorated war veterans who were later honored. 
The program started with three members of the Lee family (Kenton, Juliet and Jocelyn) singing the National Anthem, the best version we have ever heard!


 There were several thousand people in the stands. (A lot are in back in the shade). It was an awesome sight! Many flags and banners, all peaceful and patriotic. The entire crowd was energetic and enthusiastic with no signs whatsoever of protestors.

                                  Evergreen Freedom Foundation CEO Lynn Marsh was very effective on the stage.


Probably the most inspiring event was an emotional tribute to veterans by actor James McEachin, a decorated Korean war hero. To have a black person give such a patriotic statement about America was most welcome after all the accusations that we get about being racist.


Next was the much-awaited talk by Glenn Beck. Needless to say he got a tremendous ovation from the 7,000 people. He was relaxed, casual, and made a wonderful presentation, stating his beliefs in a small, honest, transparent government, in free enterprise and personal responsibility. Truly, he is a great man!
The program ended with the Lee family singing I'm Proud to Be an American, a fitting end, because this program did indeed make us proud to be Americans. 
The coverage by the local TV stations was, typically, pathetic. They gave almost equal time to the handful of protestors, never did a wide view to show the huge number of people in the bleachers, didn't show James McEachin (how could they when they all claim we are racists) or the other tributes to veterans, and only showed Glenn when he was angry or combative, never when he was relaxed and smiling.
In was a great event. Once again Glenn Beck rose to the occasion to inspire thousands. He and EFF are to be congratulated for organizing and executing it so well.

 Keith & Antje Gunnar          

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The Controversy
Andy Stevens September 29th, 2009

Glenn Beck: Keys to the City

The intentions were honorable. The concept was valid.  Home boy makes good.  Glenn Beck has attained a monumental degree of success in his chosen profession. As a talk show host in both the field of radio and television broadcast he is at the pinnacle of the food chain.  Not withstanding, he is a successful author of three best seller books, each selling in the millions.

Glenn is, by his own admission, a man of imperfection who has often stumbled, fallen and picked himself up to carry on.  Weakness, failure and success aside, Glenn Beck is a man who loves his Country, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights and all they stand for.  His passion for America, the foundation of his success is often fueled by thought provoking controversial and flammable subject matter.

Almost immediately following the decision to present Glenn Beck with the Keys to the City, there was a hue and cry from the liberal left which quickly became a concerted and choreographed effort to subvert the decision and diminish the authority of Mayor Norris and force him rescind his invitation

I have carefully chosen the words “concerted” and “choreographed” because it was by no  small coincidence that this story immediately became the subject of national controversy and picked up by the media by and large.  Protests were initiated.  A paid 1/4 page advertisement was placed in the local newspaper inviting and instigating further protest.  Television vans, trucks, reporters and spokespersons do not descend on a scene unless they sense a large kettle of fish to fry.

Accompanied by my wife Mary, I attended the second of these meetings. We parked and made our way to city hall through a myriad of television trucks, vans, cameras and reporters.  Prior to the meeting, custom made orange “T” shirts bearing the message, “Hate is not a Mount Vernon Value” were passed out among the protesters who would be “on camera” delivering their allotted two and a half minute speech.

As the meeting convened two things, both strikingly apparent and directly in conflict with the agenda of those in protest became evident …

The first of these was during the Pledge of Allegiance which precedes each city council meeting.  Here were a group of citizens who had assembled for redress of their concerns under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, yet may of them remained seated, refusing to stand or participate.  Following the Pledge one of the dissenters questioned quite loudly, “what’s God got to do with it?’  It is with anticipation that I humbly hope to be in attendance when she is enlightened. 

A personal note here; I, like many others, have served my country in the preservation of individual rights, free speech, protest and redress.  However, I should like to add that I did not serve with the intention that these freedoms, rights, flag, country and honor of  tradition  become floor mats.

With a heavy heart and intensified enthusiasm Mary and I returned home that night to continue an E-Mail blitz urging all within our lists and connections to please join us in supporting Mayor Bud Norris and welcoming Glenn Beck on Saturday night for the Keys to the City ceremony. 

On Saturday we attended the Glenn Beck at Safeco event which, BTW, was simply excellent.  While we were there we spoke to many of the Tea Party representatives, many of whom had received our E-Mail requests and many more who committed to attend the support group.   As we returned to Mount Vernon we were joined by many great Americans from all around the state, many from as far away as Olympia, Moses Lake, the Tri-Cities and Wenatchee, all there in support of Glenn Beck.

Check out the photos below. God Bless Bud Norris for his fortitude in the face of controversy and Glenn Beck for leading the charge, as well as each and every one of you who attended and those who showed their support in mind and spirit and may God Bless America….

Andy and Mary Stevens

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The Support  Need I Say More?
The press makes reference to protesters, for and against.  Correction.  There are protesters and there are supporters.  As to which of these were in the majority at the end of the day... you decide.

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Click to View Photos from the Glenn Beck at Safeco Feild Event
The Keys to the City  Mount Vernon Herald
MOUNT VERNON — In return for the long-awaited key to the city, handed over to conservative news pundit Glenn Beck on Saturday, Beck bestowed the key to his own house to Mayor Bud Norris.

“You’re going to need a place to stay,” Beck told Norris in front of a crowd of nearly 700 people gathered in McIntyre Hall to watch the event, which drew national attention and criticism of the mayor.

Outside the performance hall, rowdy demonstrators spoke out both for and against the mayor’s decision to hand the key to the city to Beck. The outspoken Fox News talk show host recently called President Barack Obama a racist.

During the ceremony, Beck steered away from the brand of politics that made him famous.

Instead, after the mayor handed over the key, Beck talked to the crowd about small-town values that he said he learned while growing up in Mount Vernon.

Beck said he’s made mistakes in his life, but “all of the good things, all of the things that I hope for, came from Mount Vernon.”

His voice cracked with emotion as he spoke.

Beck, 45, was born in Everett and later moved to Mount Vernon, where his parents ran City Bakery. It was there, he said, he learned his work ethic that carried him to the top of his career and into televisions and radios across the nation.

As a youth, Beck marched in the Mount Vernon Volunteer Militia, part of his father’s effort to turn downtown into a historic attraction. His life growing up was a far cry from his new one in New York City, he said, where he now lives with his wife.

“Now I would give my right arm to live in Mount Vernon,” he told the crowd. “And I learned today there are a ton of people who are ready to cut it off — and they would. But it doesn’t bother me because I have the key to their house.”

The audience was quick to laugh at Beck’s jokes and stood repeatedly to applaud as Beck quipped about Mount Vernon and as two of his childhood friends reminisced about their experiences with Beck.

Beck complimented the mayor, saying he is one of the rare people who “actually has a spine.” The crowd then stood to applaud the mayor.

Along with handing Beck a golden key secured to a plaque with Beck’s name on it — admittedly “much to the chagrin of some people” — Norris officially declared Saturday “Glenn Beck Day.”

But Beck said the day wasn’t about him. He said the event was really about the Lincoln Theatre, the venue where he watched “Mary Poppins” with his mother and “Star Wars” for the first time.

The event raised $10,000 for the theater, and Beck announced he will match that amount, donating $10,000 of his own money.

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Letter from a Patriotic Mom

Media coverage of the people who attended the demonstration in Mount Vernon during Glenn Beck’s visit.

After attending the demonstration in Mt. Vernon on September 26, I have one regret…..that I didn’t take a camera and take pictures of all of the Glenn Beck supporters that were there. I have read many reports from the media and they all talk about and show pictures of the people who were protesting the Glenn Beck event and hardly anything is said or shown about the demonstrators that were supportive of Glenn Beck. It looked to me like the supporters outnumbered the non-supporters by 2 or 3 to 1. The media states that there were about 800 people attending, it looked more like a thousand or more to me. At any rate, it was the largest turnout for any such event in the history of Mt. Vernon.  I talked to several supporters and found out that many had traveled from other cities and towns to Mt. Vernon to show their support for Glenn Beck. Many were members of Tea Party organizations, the military, Freedom Fighters, Republicans and Democrats. American flags and  “Don’t Tread On Me” flags were visible throughout the crowd.

I walked the entire length of the demonstration (about 4 city blocks on both sides of the street) and noticed that the non-supporters of Glenn Beck spoke of racism, hatred, and anger.

Have we forgotten the sermons of Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor for 20 years, “Obama's Pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Has a History of What Even Obama's Campaign Aides Say Is 'Inflammatory Rhetoric'…”Sen. Barack Obama's pastor says blacks should not sing "God Bless America" but "God damn America." or the words of Bill Ayers, : "I don't regret setting bombs...I feel we didn't do enough."”.

And  recently Van Jones where it is stated that… “Recent news reports cited a derogatory comment Jones made in the past about Republicans, and separately, of Jones' name appearing on a petition connected to the events surrounding the Sept. 11 attacks.

Then there are the connections between ACORN and Obama…”both ACORN and the “mainstream” media were working as dedicated estheticians for Obama, keeping those unsightly wrinkles and blemishes out of sight and largely unnoticed by the American people.”

I, too, can see racism, hatred, and anger, but from many other sources that do not involve Glenn Beck. Thank God, Mr. Beck has the intestinal fortitude to seek out and speak the Truth.

 As a resident of Mt. Vernon, I was very enthused and inspired by the huge amount of supporters that showed up Saturday evening.  Thanks to all of you and most of all to Glenn Beck for validating those of us who want the truth to be told about our government and its leaders. Next time I will take a camera. Smile.

Cheryl Walsh
Mt. Vernon, Washington

Mother of Iraq veteran
Retired teacher
Mt. Vernon Tea Party member

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List of Supporters:  This is a list of supporters who responded to a quick E-Mail I sent.  The rest showed up at the event...
If you would like to add your name to the list, please e-Mail me...
Andy Stevens
Mary Stevens
Rebekah Near
John Near
Danielle Tjeerdsma
Casey Tjeerdsma
Evangeline Leavitt
Phyllis Folsom
Dan Folsom
Jan Folsom
Stormy Folsom
India Folsom
Aaron Folsom
Ada Stradling
Joe Stradling
John Piazza Sr.
Dushan Mrak
Denise Towers
Steve Towers
Jim Liberty
Laurie LIberty
Ted Clifton
Kyle Marth
Barbara Marth
Ed Childs
Mary Lou Childs
Sue Gallagher
Dan Gallagher
Jan Horton
Mary Sabatello
John Sabatello
Mel Kangas
Dotty Kangas
Dorothy Ives
Jo Anne Adell
Dale Adell
Cheryl Walsh
Isaac Oczkewicz
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